Yummy Lotus Jams

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Locally crafted Vegan and gluten free jams. Made from only the freshest ingredients.


Small Batch love

All our jams are made by hand (we're a family team: Alexa, her husband Joshua) in small batches. We quick cook our recipes in 40 QT volume kettles, to retain as much color and flavor in the fruit as possible.

STEP 1: Create

Our Owner & in-house chef, Alexa curates all our jam flavors by pairing her culinary knowledge with her eagerness to create unique, multi-layer flavor experiences.  When creating a new jam, we play around with flavors and test them out until they are perfected.

STEP 2: Can

Canning our Jam is an important step in the process and allows our jams to stay on your shelves for a long amount of time without spoilage. The jars are cleaned and hot-filled, then put into a hot water bath to create an air-tight seal. 

4 Unique Flavors to choose from