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A Little Bit About Us


After more than a decade spent travelling the world, Jordan and Liz Lewis founded The Restoration Initiative (TRI) in 2011, in Lafayette, Colorado, out of a desire to build a meaningful and unique business that incorporated socially conscious consumerism and a love for all things local, while also funding and sponsoring homes for at-risk youth in India.

In TRI’s early days, they developed partnerships with artisans making handmade all-natural goods, before expanding into the vintage market with, Ricci Harke, who helped transform TRI's retail presence into a one-of-a kind shopping experience. Together, they have realized their passion for combining responsibly sourced goods and local artisan craftsmanship with carefully curated style and fashion.

TRI embodies the creation of a fluid and dynamic shopping experience that is constantly evolving with handmade home décor and accessories.

A love for travel and the drive to continue supporting and empowering local artisans from all over the world makes TRI a family-owned labor of love that reflects the beauty and culture of a diverse global community, where all are truly welcome.