Convivial-Arched Hanging Planter No. 1 | Stoneware

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The Arched Hanging Planter, in a crisp ivory glaze with a subtle outline of raw sand stoneware, is the just-right size for a crawling or cascading 4" plants hung near a window or small corner. Each piece is handmade using our proprietary sand stoneware and finished in our signature ivory glaze. The glaze on the rim of each piece has been removed to allow the warmth of the sand clay to be highlighted.

Product Dimensions:

Arched Hanging Planter No. 1: 4.5” d x 5” h (sized for 4” plants)
Cord length: 25" from loop to bottom of planter
If you’d like a custom length, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Product Specifications:

Material: Sand Stoneware, Coco Liner, Hemp Cord
Glaze: Ivory
Drainage: Drainage hole. Planter should be taken down and be watered in the sink. 

Indoor use only